The Rockingham Meeting House Conservation and Restoration Project

The Rockingham Meeting House was constructed between 1787 to 1801 and restored in 1906. In 2023 the Meeting House is in need of repair and restoration. On-going public meetings have and will be scheduled from time to time to give everyone in our community an opportuning to find out more about preservation efforts as we save Rockingham’s American Treasure!

About Us

In 1906, people in and around the town of Rockingham recognized, surviving in their midst, an historical and architectural landmark. The Rockingham Meeting House had not been used for regular church services since 1839, nor for town meetings since 1869. Its interior had been subjected to vandalism, but it was still structurally quite intact. The town voted to appropriate $500 to restore the building, and $700 more was raised from private donations. The pulpit was rebuilt from California redwood. Dowels in the “pig pen” pews were re-created. Paint and plaster were restored. In August 1907, a grand Pilgrimage took place. People with Rockingham roots from all over came to hear a sermon and a lecture, sing hymns, eat a picnic lunch, and celebrate their town and its Meeting House.

Support the Meeting House

By supporting the Rockingham Meeting House Association, you are helping restore and maintain a centuries-old building – one of the oldest in Vermont. Your support will help our volunteers as they carefully and painstakingly restore the building and keep it around for generations to come. We truly appreciate your support and hope you’ll come visit this magnificent landmark soon!